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36 solutions to problems you face winning proposals

How many of these problems do you face?

PropLIBRARY contains a ton of information that can help you solve common business development, lead capture, and proposal problems. We give many solutions away. And some are part of our premium content. The list below is a mixture of links to free content and premium content that's only available with  a PropLIBRARY Subscription. If you are already a subscriber, don't forget to use the bookmark feature (look for the icon in the title) to tag the content that you want to show up in your list of "Favorites."

We use PropLIBRARY to solve problems for our customers all the time. But it's easy because we know what content is where. No matter how many ways we give people to find the content they need, with this much depth and breadth it's easy to get overwhelmed. The list below can help you find the good stuff that you need to really have an impact on your business.

See also:
  1. If you have difficulty finding leads before the RFP is released
  2. If you need to fix a broken proposal
  3. If you need to be more selective in what you bid
  4. If you are writing a proposal even though you don't know the customer as well as you should
  5. If you don’t have a lead capture process
  6. If you start your proposals unprepared
  7. If you are having trouble figuring out what to write in your proposal
  8. If you don’t know how to create an RFP compliance matrix
  9. If you don’t have a written definition of proposal quality
  10. If you need to prepare for a customer debrief
  11. If you need to conduct a proposal lessons learned review
  12. If you need guidance for staffing your proposal 
  13. If you have to write a proposal but you don't have the background or input you need
  14. If your business development meetings are boring, stupid, and pointless
  15. If your proposals contain poorly written themes
  16. If your proposals are good, but not good enough
  17. If you don't have enough staff to work on your proposals
  18. If you just need to prepare a simple proposal
  19. If you think the RFP might be wired for someone else
  20. If you are having trouble doing proposals with other people involved
  21. If you need your proposals to be more persuasive
  22. If you need to respond to a Request for Information (RFI) or a Sources Sought Notice
  23. If you want to improve your process, but not replace it
  24. If your proposals do not reflect an information advantage
  25. If your proposals end up being merely compliant
  26. If you need to accelerate your proposals
  27. If you are struggling to find differentiators for your proposals
  28. If people are ignoring your company's strategic plan
  29. If people aren't following your proposal process
  30. If your proposal reviews aren't working out the way they should
  31. If you got a late start on your proposal
  32. If you're having trouble knowing what to propose
  33. If people are having difficulty completing their proposal assignments
  34. If you have to use people who aren't proposal writers to produce your proposals
  35. If your proposals are failing their reviews
  36. If you need to fill your bid opportunity pipeline


Let's discuss your challenges with preparing proposals and winning new business...

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