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Defining proposal quality

It must be in writing to get everyone on the same page.

A written definition of proposal quality helps to get everyone on the same page

  • The CapturePlanning.com MustWin Process assures quality by first defining it and then validating whether or not it was achieved.
  • The MustWin Process defines proposal quality as: The degree to which a proposal implements all of the things you have determined are necessary in order to win.

Using this definition forces you to:

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Proposal quality validation
  • Identify what is necessary to win
  • Review the proposal against what you have identified as being necessary to win

This gives you a measurable way to assess proposal quality.  This is critically important, and yet most proposal processes do not provide any definition of proposal quality, let alone one that is measurable or verifiable.  Measuring your proposal quality enables you to:

  • Measure your progress against what really matters, instead of just watching the clock run out
  • Know whether you have created a quality proposal

To achieve this, the MustWin Process guides you through turning what you know about what it will take to win into quality criteria. The quality of your proposal is measured against these criteria.  Your progress towards creating a quality proposal is measured against how many of these criteria you have fulfilled. We have provided you a set of criteria that you can use as a starting point. Some criteria are more important than others.  Some may not apply at all to a given proposal.  The criteria that are most important to winning may vary from proposal to proposal.


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