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      A major upgrade to PropLIBRARY is coming   10/16/2016

      We're adding features that will turn our huge library of incredibly useful content into online training courses with exercises, quizzes, videos, and more. We'll be launching it in December. If you subscribe to PropLIBRARY before we launch it, you'll get a $100 discount. No coupon needed. When we launch the price goes back up.

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CapturePlanning.com, LLC is the company behind PropLIBRARY. Between our web properties, LinkedIn groups, and email newsletter we reach over 100,000 professionals every week.



This is our first and original site. We still host several hundred free articles here that you are welcome to browse and put to use.



We took the best of what we had published over 10 years, including the MustWin Process, and turned it into a tool that you can use every day called PropLIBRARY. PropLIBRARY is a high-end professional tool and requires a subscription to access.


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Join 11,000 professionals who find inspiration by discussing the kinds of things we write about in our group on LinkedIn. Special interest subgroups are available for grants, freelance consulting, sales, and government contracting.
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We publish a weekly newsletter that goes out to 65,000 opt-in subscribers free of charge. Each issue contains new articles that describe the theories and foundations of our approaches. It's also a great way to stay informed about what we're up to. You can subscribe at CapturePlanning.com or PropLIBRARY.
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Carl is the Founder and President of CapturePlanning.com and PropLIBRARY.

The materials he has published have helped millions of people develop business and write better proposals. Carl is an expert at winning in writing. He is a prolific author, frequent speaker, trainer, and consultant.

In addition, the groups Carl moderates on LinkedIn provide a place for tens of thousands of business development and proposal professionals to discuss best practices and network.
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In addition to PropLIBRARY's online resources, we also provide full-service consulting for when you're ready to engage one of our experts.

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