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Making effective bid/no bid decisions

It's all about return on investment

Should you bid everything? Or should you carefully pick and choose what you bid? How should you qualify which leads are worth pursuing? How do you decide which leads are worth bidding?

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Bid/no bid decisions

If you have to justify dropping a lead instead of justifying pursuing a lead, you might want to change the dialog surrounding your bid decisions. To help you know when it's time to rethink your bid/no bid process, we created a list with nine ways to know if your bid decision process needs improvement to help you decide. Then to help you figure out how to change your bid/no bid process, here are six approaches to bid/no bid decisions and ten things they must get right.

Lead qualification is key aspect of the pre RFP process and built into the Readiness Reviews. Readiness Reviews also provide a means to achieving effective bid/no bid decisions. The MustWin Process explains how to assess your bid/no bid process, provides major bid/no bid considerations, and because it can't be reinforced enough provides still more reasons to "no bid" a pursuit.

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