Proposal quality validation

The quality of every proposal should be explicitly validated

  • This means you should confirm that the key aspects of the proposal are what the company wants them to be.
  • Proposal Quality Validation confirms that what you have in the proposal meets your needs and expectations.
  • It avoids disasters that result from teams that work in isolation, creating a proposal that is not what the company wants to submit, and is only discovered when it is too late to do anything about it.
  • You should validate each decision and approach, the thoroughness of the information you have incorporated, your compliance with and fulfillment of the requirements, your message, and your score.
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Validating an item means reviewing it to confirm that it meets your needs and expectations. Proposal Quality Validation does not necessarily ensure that everything in your proposal is “right” or guarantee that the proposal will win. Only the customer can do that. And it is impossible to predict, with certainty, what the customer will do. Proposal Quality Validation ensures that specific elements of the proposal are considered by someone other than the original author to ensure that the document reflects what your company wants to submit.

Proposal Quality Validation overcomes the problems inherent in traditional approaches to reviewing proposals.

  • Traditional approaches to reviewing proposals do not produce consistently effective results.
  • Proposal Quality Validation resembles Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

Proposal Quality Validation is different from other methods of proposal review:

  • It is organized around what you need to validate instead of being organized around colors or milestones. As a result, it achieves better traceability and accountability.
  • It accommodates validation of any type, giving you the flexibility to adapt to the needs of the opportunity and your organization.
  • It is based on a definition for proposal quality that can be turned into review criteria and enables the content of the proposal to be validated.
  • It provides a mechanism for ensuring that the planned amount and methods of validation are sufficient to meet the needs of the proposal and your organization.
  • It provides a method for documenting your validation plan to properly set expectations, while streamlining the process to keep it from becoming burdensome.
  • It inherently provides more guidance to participants, helping to ensure that reviews are focused and effective.

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