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Completing your proposal quality validation plan

The MustWin Process validates the proposal against quality criteria that are based on “what it takes to win.”

Creating a Proposal Quality Validation plan 

  • Once you have created your proposal quality criteria, you need to allocate them to reviews.
  • Then the plan itself should be reviewed to ensure it meets standards and expectations

In order to complete the plan, you need to:

  • Collect and group items that can be assessed at the same time
  • Allocate criteria to the milestones on your schedule
  • Determine the best method for reviewing each item (individual, team, in-person, distributed, etc.)
  • Assign and schedule reviews
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To make this as easy as possible, we have grouped our sample list of quality criteria according to milestones and have provided a Proposal Quality Validation Form.  With your proposal schedule in hand, you can determine when to review each of the criteria.  Simply complete a copy of the form for each review. 

The Proposal Quality Validation forms will tell your reviewers what they need to accomplish.  They can use the same form to document the results of their review. The collection of forms constitutes your proposal review plan. This makes it easy to quickly prepare a written Proposal Quality Validation plan.

You should validate the Proposal Quality Validation plan itself before implementing it. What is an acceptable level of quality assurance, number of reviews, or allocation of reviewers for one pursuit, may not be acceptable for another pursuit. It is a good idea to prepare a table that documents your company's quality standards based on the size, complexity, value or other facts for a given pursuit. For example, above a certain value you might require a certain number of people participate in the reviews, or require participation by certain executives.

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