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Proposal Quality Validation Form

Having a written Validation Plan is simply a matter of completing a copy of this form for each set of items you wish to validate.

Completing your proposal quality validation review plan

Complete a copy of this form for each review you anticipate having and you will have a written proposal quality validation review plan.

Each item identified on this form needs to be validated.  That means that it complies with any plans, RFP, or specifications and that it possesses the attributes required to produce the desired proposal.  Make a copy of this form for each review and ensure that all of your quality criteria are represented.

Instructions: Please note that this is a highly focused review and should stick to the scope of the item identified.  Ultimately, every key attribute will be validated to ensure we produce the desired proposal. If you notice any other issues unrelated to the one being validated, it is okay to note it; however, your notes may be redundant with or conflict with other validation efforts.  What you need to know now is whether or not the item in question is valid.


Proposal Quality Validation Review Form
Scope of the review:  
Criteria to use in validation:  
When can the validation start (date/time)?  
When must it be completed (date/time)?  
Where/how should the validation be presented?  
Who will lead/perform the validation?  
Who else should participate and how?  
Deliverables expected from the review:  
Notes, procedures, location(s), or other instructions:  


Findings: Does this item reflect the proposal plans, instructions, RFP, specifications, and/or other attributes required to produce the desired proposal?

    Yes. (Green)
    Yes, after the attached changes are made. (Yellow)
    Not yet.  Proposal Manager should attach a plan for resolution. Item should be resubmitted for validation after completion. (Red)

Is there anything else that should be validated?



Leader’s Signature                                Date/Time


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