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Proposal quality validation plan review checklist

The Proposal Quality Validation Plan must itself be validated to ensure that it meets stakeholders’ expectations

Validating the review plan ensures that the approach to proposal quality is sufficient

  • The Executive Sponsor determines the level of quality required for the proposal by reviewing the Validation Plan.
  • The Executive Sponsor should consider whether the items in the Proposal Quality Validation Plan are sufficient to achieve the level of quality required.
  • The Executive Sponsor may wish to increase (or decrease) the level of formality in reviews, the number of participants, or the number of items to be validated.
See also:
Goal: validate that the draft reflects your quality criteria

Here is a checklist to help you ensure a thorough review of your Proposal Quality Validation Plan:

❏   List of validation items contains everything it should and has been customized to reflect the evaluation criteria and what you know about the customer, the opportunity, and the competitive environment

❏   Defined scope and outcome for each validation item is correct

❏   Method specified is sufficient

❏   Level of formality is sufficient

❏   Output is correct

❏   Schedule is correct

❏   List of participants is sufficient

❏   Leader of each item is identified

❏   Requirements for participation are defined and sufficient

❏   Whether any other notes or procedures should be specified



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