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Top 20 articles from 2020 to help you win more proposals

Win more of what you bid in 2021

We published 98 new content items last year. But it's not the quantity that counts, it's the quality. We published some of the most useful articles ever this year. We've split them into two groups, one for everyone and one just for subscribers. Just take a look and think about how they can help improve your win rate:

  1. 12 fundamental problems you have to solve to prepare great proposals
  2. The best example of bad proposal writing I've ever seen
  3. 14 examples of proposal writing that show how to exceed RFP compliance in ways that don’t cost a dime
  4. Why the Executive Summary is your real proposal
  5. 18 lies that companies tell in their proposals
  6. 9 examples of how your proposal should change even though the offering remains the same
  7. What does it really mean to be RFP compliant in a proposal?
  8. Proposal director vs proposal manager vs proposal coordinator vs proposal writer
  9. Proposal templates for any industry and subject matter
  10. 11 ways that your proposals sound the same as everyone else's proposal

Top 10 premium content items published in 2020

The top picks from the premium content items we published for PropLIBRARY subscribers go beyond the theory and advice provided in the articles above and show how to put our recommendations to work.

  1. How to wire an RFP in your favor based on your staffing
  2. 23 examples of how to ghost the competition in your proposals
  3. 7 ways to fill your pipeline using a divide and conquer strategy
  4. A blueprint for proposal writing that explains how to approach writing proposal paragraphs
  5. Proposal paragraph template visual
  6. Inspiration for writing proposal themes
  7. How creating the Basis of Estimate first can improve proposal writing
  8. 58 proposal reference library topic recommendations
  9. 9 ways to help eliminate false hits when searching for leads
  10. Techniques for using tables to deal with tight proposal page limits

We have big plans for 2021! They include the biggest upgrades to PropLIBRARY and MustWin Now we've ever conceived of. The changes will be dramatic and increase the ease of use and utility substantially. I can't wait until I can share what's in the works.

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Enjoy the links above. If you've read this far, here's a parting gift. If you can guess the most popular article of all time on PropLIBRARY, you'll get a free subscription or a free renewal. One guess per person. Click the green button below to submit your guess.

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