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MustWin Now: RFP compliance matrix linking

Linking the RFP to your Proposal Content Plan

What you see in the image above is a section of the RFP linked to a proposal section. This is part of building an RFP compliance matrix. But what's special about it is that MustWin Now remembers all the linking and when you are in your Proposal Content Plan you can see the full text of the linked RFP items.

In the image above, the Executive Summary has been selected from the proposal outline. The linked RFP items (in this case there is only one) show up in the RFP requirements column in bold. And in the proposal section in the main column, you see a clickable banner containing the RFP requirement. Click it and the banner will expand like the example below.


In this screenshot section 1.1 Understanding the SOW has been selected. It has two RFP links and the banners have been opened showing the full text. You can click around the proposal outline and see what requirements need to be addressed in every section. Oh, and if you see that another requirement should be linked to this proposal section, just grab it from the RFP column and drop it on the landing zone. It will become a new banner when you are looking in at that proposal section and will also be included in the cross-reference matrix.

When you combine this with the other screenshots we've released so far, you can see the screens for:

I can wait to tease you show you some more next week...


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