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MustWin Now: RFP compliance matrix

A compliance matrix right before it gets automagically converted into a proposal content plan

This week's teaser shows an RFP compliance matrix created using MustWin Now. This is really just an in-between step. The next step turns it into a content plan. That's really where things get fun.

Those who have experienced the pain of manually creating a compliance matrix will appreciate seeing this image. Once you've linked your RFP requirements to your proposal outline, which incidentally can be done using drag and drop, the system has everything it needs to know to build the matrix. 

But there's something cooler than clicking a button and seeing the matrix.

It's even more cool to click a button that creates your proposal content plan shell, and then seeing that you can click on the embedded RFP references and drill down to the full RFP text. Right there in your content plan. Proposal writers won't have to flip RFP pages to check compliance. It's right in front of them as they work. Oh, and ditto for your reviewers.

Act now... To give us a big incentive to keep this production beast on schedule, we're lowering our prices until the end of April or until we start the training.

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We almost never run promotions. The word promotion hasn't even appeared in our newsletter since 2014. If you've been thinking of subscribing, you should take advantage of this one...

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