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MustWin Now: Everything you need to know

New proposal software for PropLIBRARY Subscribers

Accelerating the proposal process by making it real-time and interactive

Companies are using MustWin Now to drive strategy into their proposals before they even get written.

If your RFPs:

  • Have instructions, evaluation criteria, and a statement of work
  • Require a compliance matrix to figure out which RFP requirements should be addressed in which proposal sections
  • Require mapping your win strategies to the document in order to get the highest score

Click here to find out how MustWin Now will help you create a proposal based on what it will take to win.

MustWin Now solves problems and increases your probability of winning

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About MustWin Now

I’ve worked in proposals for over 30 years. During that entire time people have repeated the mantra “plan before you write and write to the plan” without actually being able to do it. When people use MustWin Now they plan before they write without even realizing it. It helps you figure out what should go in your proposal and how you should present it. For users, the process disappears as they just do what needs to be done using the tool. Fear of the blank page goes away as the writers get the guidance they need to not only know what to write, but how to present it. 

MustWin Now makes it so much easier for your subject matter experts to transfer their knowledge and collaborate with the people who are doing the actual writing. Everyone with ideas about the proposal or something to contribute can easily do it. You can get your strategic vision on paper. For a change. No more talking in circles around the proposal without the good stuff getting on paper. 

We use it in our consulting engagements to help companies maximize their evaluation scores by combining the customer awareness and subject matter expertise with our ability to interpret the evaluation criteria and guide the proposal writers to put everything in the right context to win. 

Key MustWin Now features

  • Provides online RFP compliance matrix building and proposal outline generation with drag and drop features. Provides the only web-based compliance matrix builder in existence.
  • Puts a fully-developed and quality validated content plan in front of your proposal writers and reviewers.
  • Reduces the effort it takes to prepare a content plan for your proposal. Generates the content plan shell right from the proposal outline and enables you to add instructions with simple clicks.
  • Enables quality criteria to be easily added to your content plan so that in addition to what to write, your proposal writers will know how they need to write it to pass their reviews.
  • Enables customer, opportunity, and competitive intelligence to be linked to the proposal outline to ensure the proposal fully reflects the information advantage you’ve developed.
  • Provides support for pre-RFP intelligence gathering and capture plan creation by completing simple Q&A forms.
  • Enables you to build readiness reviews into the pre-RFP phase of the pursuit.
  • Puts RFP and the intelligence you’ve gathered into proposal sections along with the instructions for proposal writers.
  • Makes validation of your proposal input, compliance matrix, and content plan against written quality criteria checkbox quick.
  • Guides staff to convert what they know into instructions for putting it on paper and then validates that the instructions get followed in the draft proposal.
  • Enables you to easily control who has access to each tool. Enables you to decide which tools you wish to use and turn off those you don’t. If you just want to use the pursuit capture forms, the compliance matrix builder, or the content planning tool you can turn the other tools off so your users don’t get confused about what they should be working on.

What MustWin Now is not:

  • Software you run on your laptop. MustWin Now is a cloud-based subscription service. See the technical details section for other options.
  • Automated proposal assembly. MustWin Now is not about building a proposal from interchangeable parts. That’s a great way to ensure your proposal is not optimized to win. 
  • Document formatting, assembly, or creation. That takes place in Word just like it does now. Only you’ll have a ton of helpful features in your browser instead of the information you need hiding from you.
  • A tool for building new proposals from the text of past proposals. While there are tools that make this possible, we have better tools to ensure new proposals are fully customized based on what it will take to win this pursuit.

Technical details that matter for some:

MustWin Now is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS), also known as a cloud solution. It’s free to PropLIBRARY Subscribers. Access is through your web browser.

Normally, plans are created and used online, with writing taking place in Word. While your content plan is online, your proposal files remain on your own network, protected by your own security. In addition, each MustWin Now tool can export to Excel. So it can be used to create a plan that is taken offline for use. 

If you really want it, we can deploy a MustWin Now server inside your firewall. It’s more expensive than a simple subscription but if you need the server on your premises, you can have it. You'll have to contact us for a custom quote if you want this.

Purchase Options

Access to MustWin Now comes with a subscription to PropLIBRARY at no extra charge. Click here and scroll down for a handy calculator to use to get an instant quote.

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