MustWin Now: Everything you need to know

New proposal software for PropLIBRARY Subscribers

Accelerating the traditional proposal process by making it real-time and interactive

MustWin Now is the solution to how to plan before you write. It enables you to do what you know should be done, but can somehow never accomplish with traditional methods. It increases your probability of winning by helping you to figure out what it will take to win and build your proposal around it. 

  • Puts a fully-developed and quality validated content plan in front of your proposal writers and reviewers.
  • Takes document production out of preparing a plan for your proposal.
  • Removes friction from the flow of information throughout the process.
  • Provides online RFP compliance matrix building and proposal outline generation with drag and drop features.
  • Enables customer, opportunity, and competitive intelligence to be linked to the proposal outline to ensure the proposal fully reflects the information advantage you’ve developed.
  • Generates a proposal content plan shell from the proposal outline and enables you to fill it with instructions for proposal writers with simple clicks.
  • Provides support for pre-RFP intelligence gathering, capture plan creation, and proposal input validation by completing simple Q&A forms.
  • Puts RFP and the intelligence you’ve gathered into proposal sections along with the instructions for proposal writers.
  • Enables quality criteria to be easily added to your content plan so that in addition to what to write, your proposal writers will know how they need to write it to pass their reviews.
  • Makes validation of your proposal input, compliance matrix, and content plan against written quality criteria checkbox quick.
  • Guides staff to convert what they know into instructions for putting it on paper and then validates that the instructions get followed in the draft proposal.
  • Enables instant collaboration and issue tracking.

And, oh by the way, MustWin Now will be a free addition for PropLIBRARY Subscribers. See below for a very rare and special promotion for new subscribers and upgraders.

Advanced options

Enables you to:

  • Decide which tools you wish to use and turn off those you don’t. If you just want to use the pursuit capture forms, the compliance matrix builder, or the content planning tool you can turn the other tools off so your users don’t get confused about what they should be working on.
  • Tailor your pre-RFP capture plans. You can add, delete, or change the contents of the pre-proposal information you seek to gather. (future feature)
  • Save and reuse your content plan instructions in future proposals. When you have instructions you want every proposal to follow, you can save and insert them with a click. (future feature)

What it’s not

  • Software you run on your laptop. MustWin Now is a cloud-based subscription service. See the technical details section for other options.
  • Automated proposal assembly. MustWin Now is not about building a proposal from interchangeable parts. That’s a great way to ensure your proposal is not optimized to win. 
  • Document formatting, assembly, or creation. That takes place in Word just like it does now. Only you’ll have a ton of helpful features in your browser instead of the information you need hiding from you.
  • A tool for building new proposals from the text of past proposals. While there are tools that make this possible, we have better tools to ensure new proposals are fully customized based on what it will take to win this pursuit.

Technical details

MustWin Now is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS), also known as a cloud solution. It’s free to PropLIBRARY Subscribers.

Normally, plans are created and used online, with writing taking place in Word. While your content plan is online, your proposal files remain on your own network. In addition, each MustWin Now tool can export to Excel. So it can be used to create a plan that is taken offline for use.

If you really want it, we can deploy a MustWin Now server inside your firewall. It’s more expensive than a simple subscription but if you need the server on your premises, you can have it.

Access to premium content items is limited to PropLIBRARY Subscribers

A subscription to PropLIBRARY unlocks hundreds of premium content items including recipes, forms, checklists, and more to make it easy to turn our recommendations into winning proposals. Subscribers can also use MustWiin Now, our online proposal content planning tool.

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