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Roles and responsibilities

How many hats can one person wear?

The only thing harder than winning business is having to work with other people to win business.

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Roles and responsibilities

First you've got all the hand-offs, from marketing to business development to capture to proposal to production. Then there is the natural tension between technical staff and those involved in marketing and sales. People in different positions have different perspectives

It only works when people work together. And to work together people need to know what to expect from each other. They need coordination. And all that starts by defining the roles. 

It's harder than it sounds. For example, when an organization has a proposal manager, they think that part of the process is settled. But sometimes a proposal manager is not a proposal manager. Titles are not enough.

Within the MustWin Process we not only define the roles that people play, we do it in a way that makes it easier to allocate your limited resources. We make those roles a flexible part of the process, so that you can maximize the potential contributions of everyone in your organization, whether they are specialists or not.


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Within the MustWin Process, we define roles functionally. This enables each person to wear multiple hats. It also gives you flexibility in how you map the functional needs of proposal development to the staff you have available.


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