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Proposal manager

The Proposal Manager leads the process of turning a winning position into a winning document and directs staff contributions to the proposal in order to accomplish this goal

The Proposal Manager:

  • Has the lead role for developing the proposal process, plans, schedule, and assignments.
  • Gets involved shortly before the RFP is released to help ensure that intelligence gathered is staged for use in the proposal and that plans can be drafted.
  • Should avoid putting pen to paper and personally creating the proposal.  Instead, the Proposal Manager should manage the process, staff, and other resources to develop the proposal.
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When the RFP is released, the Proposal Manager should have everything staged so that the proposal can take off like a runner at the starting blocks.  This can only be accomplished if the Proposal Manager is involved early enough before the RFP is released.

The Proposal Manager is responsible for defining and overseeing the proposal development process.  This means the Proposal Manager is in charge of assignments and schedules.  The Capture Manager will identify the staff who will participate in writing the proposal.  The Proposal Manager will guide them through the process.

The Proposal Manager and the Capture Manager form a partnership to develop the winning bid.  The Capture Manager is responsible for deciding what the winning approaches will be.  The Proposal Manager is responsible for getting them on paper in a form that will win.

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