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Defining roles functionally

Defining roles is the start of making sure that everyone knows what to expect

The MustWin Process ensures that everyone knows what is expected, based on what role they play in the pursuit

  • Roles are defined functionally.  If a person performs more than one role, that person is responsible for all of the responsibilities of each role.
  • Managing expectations is critical for people to work together to win a business opportunity.
  • If the expectations need to change, it is your job to communicate that and stay in the discussion until everyone agrees on a new set of expectations.  Leaving flawed or unrealistic expectations unaddressed is no way to pursue a MustWin opportunity.
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The MustWin Process defines roles functionally.  You may have one person performing more than one role.  If you do, that person is responsible for all of the responsibilities of each role.  There are no economies of scale here.  If one person does not have the capacity to fulfill both roles, you need to add staff.

On the following pages, we provide a description of the responsibilities for each of the following roles:

  • Executive Sponsor
  • Business Development Manager
  • Capture Manager
  • Proposal Manager
  • Process Administrator
  • Production Manager
  • Writers
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Graphics/Illustrators
  • Reviewers
  • Production Staff

The role and responsibility descriptions are followed by a form where you can identify who will be fulfilling each role.

Business Development Manager
Capture Manager
Executive Sponsor
Corporate Support
Graphics Specialist
Process Administrator
Production Manager
Proposal Manager
Proposal Writers and Subject Matter Experts

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