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What to do at RFP release

The moment the RFP is released, the deadline clock starts ticking...

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Proposal start-up and logistics

The release of the RFP is the moment of truth. Either you are prepared or you are not. You will either be ready to issue assignments, or trying to figure everything out.

The first thing to do is to distribute copies of the RFP to those who will be involved. Here is a sample RFP distribution list to speed this up.

Then you should follow a checklist to make sure you quickly consider everything you should, without overlooking anything.

The deadline for asking questions about the RFP may come up quick, so be prepared to submit your list of questions. Here is a sample RFP question format.

You also need to anticipate amendments, or changes to the RFP. Here is an RFP amendment checklist.

Then you must start the proposal based on the RFP and prepare an outline that is based on the RFP by creating a compliance matrix.


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