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RFP amendment checklist

An Amendment to the RFP can change be insignificant or can change everything. And they can come at any time.

Be prepared to act quickly when an amendment is released

  • You should check in with the customer frequently so that you anticipate any amendments and aren’t surprised by them.
  • The Proposal Manager should lead the effort to assess the impact of the Amendment and make any changes necessary to accommodate it.
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Proposal start-up and logistics
  • Have you distributed the Amendment to the same people you originally distributed the RFP to, plus any new stakeholders?
  • Is there an extension?
  • Are there answers to questions?
  • Did your questions get answered?
  • Are there replacement pages for the RFP?
  • Did you do a document comparison to identify all changes to the RFP
  • Did any of the changes or answers provoke new questions that should be submitted?
  • Should any of the changes or answers cause you to reconsider your decision to bid?
  • How do the answers to the questions impact the proposal?
  • Did the outline or cross-reference matrix change?
  • Do any of your approaches or bid strategies need to change?

How should assignments and the schedule be modified to incorporate the changes?  Do not forget to include a statement in your proposal (typically in the transmittal letter or business volume, depending on the instructions in Section L) acknowledging your receipt of the Amendment.

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