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3.0 Defining and communicating proposal expectations

The vast majority of proposal problems are related to unfulfilled expectations

Over the years we have turned some of the most important content on PropLIBRARY into training materials. Only instead of combining all that content into lengthy courses, we’ve kept them modular so that we can mix and match as necessary to solve your particular challenges. For full coverage, you can combine topics and make a nice, long, comprehensive course. To quickly address a challenge you face, you could choose a single topic and focus like a laser on it. Or you could pick something in between. You decide.

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Below is a list of topics related to the proposal process that you can use to build your process or improve an existing one. You can mix and match these with other course topics to solve the specific challenges that you are facing. You can write down the topic number and heading if you want to remember your picks and send them to us or discuss them with us by clicking the buttons below.

Defining and communicating proposal expectations

Most proposal issues have at their root the fact that we have to work with other people, with different needs, agendas, and expectations. We come together for a proposal and bring our expectations. When those expectations go unfulfilled or conflict, problems result. And those problems ultimately hurt your win rate. This course provides a structured approach to define and communicate proposal expectations so that we can work more smoothly together and maximize our win rate. 

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The presentation sessions below will look at expectations during each phase of proposal activity. Because expectations flow in all directions, it involves considering the expectations of all proposal stakeholders. In addition to helping you to prevent disasters due to expectation mismatches, this course will enable you to reduce friction, improve teamwork, ensure participants better understand how to make their contributions, and improve your win rate.

This course is for companies with RFP-based proposals large enough to require a team of people to contribute. It is equally relevant to large government contractors as it is to small businesses trying to make the leap from one person who's done all of their proposals to an environment with multiple contributors.

For each of the presentation topics below, you can also add a corresponding exercise review session where you will tailor our expectations matrix to match your environment and create a tool that people can reference to understand expectations throughout the process and better work together on winning.

List of proposal expectation training topics to choose from:

3.1) Expectations during proposal startup

3.2) Expectations during proposal content planning

3.3) Expectations during proposal writing

3.4) Expectations during proposal reviews

3.5) Expectations during final production and submission

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