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How our incredibly flexible in person and remote training works

Mix and match to solve real world challenges

Over the years we have turned some of the most important content on PropLIBRARY into training materials. Only instead of combining all that content into lengthy courses, we’ve kept them modular so that we can mix and match as necessary to solve your particular challenges. For full coverage, you can combine topics and make a nice, long, comprehensive course covering the topics. To quickly address a challenge you face, you could choose a single topic and focus like a laser on it. Or you could pick something in between. You decide.

In person or remote

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Before the pandemic, in person training was already in decline because it is more expensive. All of the course topics below can be taken remotely. If you want training in person, we will be happy to give you a quote for that. Each session is 1-1.5 hours followed by up to a half-hour of Q&A, for a total of two hours.

Ready to implement

We have also set things up so that the training delivers tangible benefits. For each topic, you can choose whether to include a corresponding exercise session. When you do, that topic will be taught in two parts. One is the presentation, which will end with an exercise assignment, and the next session will be a review of the completed exercises so that you get feedback. The exercises for our process related topics involve creating or tailoring the process artifacts needed to implement what you have learned. The exercises for our winning in writing related topics involve written exercises to practice what you have learned and develop your skills. Some of the other topics involve tailoring checklists, forms, or other items that will help with implementation and ensure understanding of how to apply what you’ve learned. However, you decide which topics you want exercises to go with. If you just want discussion and Q&A, you can skip the exercises. It all depends on what challenges you are facing and what your goals are. Our approach is extremely flexible so that it adapts to you instead of the other way around.

Flexible scheduling

Scheduling is flexible as well. Modules can be combined back to back for a few long days, or spread out on the calendar. You can have a couple of sessions per week, or one per week until they are done. You could even do one a month all year long for continuous improvement. We find a session or two per week to be a pace that works for most companies with billable staff. Dates and times will be at our mutual convenience. If you prefer mornings, lunch-time, or even evenings we can probably find a way to accommodate your preferences.  Normally we can get you on the schedule with 2-4 weeks' notice.

Easy registration

Use the online contact buttons below or set up a date/time for a call and we'll walk you through it. Then we can send you an invoice so you can pay by card, you can send us a purchase order, or we can work something else out.

It will help if you already select the topics from the list below and whether you want the corresponding exercise sessions. But if you're not sure which best meet your needs we can discuss it.

We've made it easy to calculate the total cost. We don't count heads. You can have as many people participating as you'd like.  To manage course time, if you have more than a handful of people participating in an exercise session, we may have to aggregate responses when providing feedback instead of addressing every individual response. Topic presentation sessions are $1200 and exercise review sessions are $1800. We'll confirm the total with you to make sure there are no surprises.

PropLIBRARY Subscribers get a $100 discount for each session they take. With just three topics including exercise sessions, you can save more than a subscription costs!


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