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Quiz: Introducing the MustWin Process

Question 1 of 10: The MustWin Process is for:

Question 2 of 10: The MustWin Process helps get everyone on the same page regarding proposal expectations.

Question 3 of 10: The MustWin Process is for:

Question 4 of 10: The MustWin Process ends with:

Question 5 of 10: The MustWin Process begins with:

Question 6 of 10: How many people are required to implement the MustWin Process?

Question 7 of 10: Which is not a key component of the MustWin Process?

Question 8 of 10: Readiness Reviews are for determining whether the proposal is ready to submit.

Question 9 of 10: The MustWin Process is only for pursuing government contracts.

Question 10 of 10: The MustWin Process tells you how to conduct lead prospecting.

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