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2017 training development plans

Training that we're developing and its status

So here's our plan for world conquest. First we developed software that lets us repurpose our huge content library as online courses, complete with videos, quizzes, exercises, transcripts, and more. Next we're going to develop about a week's work of training. The basic stuff needed to implement our recommendations will be included with a regular PropLIBRARY Subscription. Additional courses that explain how to customize our approaches, adapt them, or use them for organizational development will be part of an Advanced PropLIBRARY Subscription.

Now we just have to produce dozens of hours of training. Luckily 80-90% of the material is already done. But that last 10-20% is time consuming, since it involves tasks like video production.

A peek inside our production lab

Instead of just doing this development in isolation until we're ready to release them all in one big swoop, we're going to give you a peek at our production lab. The list below contains the titles we have planned and their status. It's all subject to change, because when we're developing a course, if we think of a better way to present the material, we're going to take the time to rework our content instead of working to the calendar. Titles may be changed, merged, or dropped. We also might take things out of sequence if it speeds up production. So you can think of these as targets, but not promises. 

Most of the titles below are an hour in length. A few will be more like one and a half hours. A couple will intentionally be a half-hour or less. The Advanced titles may get skipped until the end.

Product Plans

But taken as a whole, there's a ton of training coming. It's lot of value that we've chosen to add to our subscriptions instead of making it a separate product.

Regular PropLIBRARY Subscriptions will be $495. Advanced PropLIBRARY Subscriptions will be $695. If you are a PropLIBRARY Subscriber the day we launch the Advanced Subscription, you'll get automatically upgraded from Regular to Advanced, saving $200.

As each course is completed, we'll go ahead and release it and our current subscribers will get immediate access. In some cases, we might release drafts instead of waiting until the final piece is produced.

Let's chat about it

If you'd like to chat about what we're up to, create training to be hosted on our platform, or discuss how this is all just the first step to turning PropLIBRARY into an amazing corporate win rate improvement tool, you can get on our calendar here.


Introduction to the MustWin Process. A quick orientation. We're working on this one right now.
How the MustWin Process works. A more detailed roadmap. This one is next.

Proposal startup and logistics. While first in sequence, this topic may get produced last in this group.
Kickoff meeting options  (Advanced)
Creating a compliance matrix. This is where we'll start since it's more important and useful to more people and we want a complete set of guidance for planning the content of your proposal to be our first major release.
Advanced compliance matrices  (Advanced)
Creating a proposal outline
Introduction to Proposal Content Planning
Implementation options  (Advanced)
Guiding writers  (Advanced)
What should go into your Content Plans?
Boilerplate and re-use  (Advanced)
Bid strategies and proposal themes


Functional Roles and Responsibilities
Resource allocation and staffing (Advanced)

Introduction to the proposal writing process
How to write for proposals
What to do when you get a proposal assignment
Proposal writing from the customer's perspective


Introduction to Proposal Quality Validation
Defining Proposal Quality
Implementing Proposal Quality Validation  (Advanced)
Performing Proposal Quality Validation
Proposal sight reading
Proposal completion
Post submission


Pre-RFP pursuit
Pre-RFP process design  (Advanced)
Performing Readiness Reviews
Customizing Readiness Reviews  (Advanced)
Discovering what it will take to win
Offering design
Bid/No bid decisions

Let's discuss your challenges with preparing proposals and winning new business...

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