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90 things that someone needs to do to win and who is usually responsible

Somehow it's all got to get done

You need someone to do all of these things. But it’s far more than one person can handle. So we’ve categorized them according to the roles as we define them in the MustWin Process. You should add items specific to your company. If you don’t have enough resources, each person may have to play multiple roles. But everything on the list needs to be assigned to someone. Some can be shared, but there always needs to be someone with primary responsibility. For each role, we’ve listed primary and secondary functions.

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Roles and responsibilities

Executive Sponsor
Lead the bid/no bid review
Conduct readiness reviews
Approve budgets and plans
Help locate and approve resources
Overcome obstacles and indecision
Provide guidance based on the company’s strategic plans
Set the tone
Provide oversight and guidance
Participate in pricing and other reviews

Business Development Manager
Manage a portfolio of leads
Lead identification and qualification
Be the primary customer contact
Conduct relationship marketing
Lead the pre-RFP pursuit until a capture manager is assigned
Gather customer, opportunity, and competitive intelligence
Provide estimates
Bid/no bid decision support
Validate the offering design and win strategies with the customer
Make sure the proposal reflects what you know about the customer
Participate in competitive assessments

Capture Manager
Be dedicated to and take the lead on winning the pursuit
Transition from intelligence gathering to bid preparation
Participate in customer contacts
Discover what it will take to win
Ensure that the right information about the customer, opportunity, competitive environment, and your own company is there when the proposal writers need it
Recommend and implement the pursuit budget
Provide detailed estimates
Lead the offering design effort
Lead teaming efforts and negotiations
Determine staff to bid
Determine the price to win
Work in partnership with the business development manager, proposal manager, and executive sponsor
Identify and obtain resources
Develop the win strategies
Determine what the differentiators should be
Sell the opportunity internally as well as externally

Pursuit Strategist
Articulate win strategies, differentiators, themes, and messages based on the capture manger's input
Develop strategies to optimize the proposal against the evaluation criteria
Conceptualize the presentation of the proposal

Proposal Manager
Lead proposal process implementation
Lead the creation of a proposal that reflects what it will take to win and the pursuit strategies
Create the RFP compliance matrix and proposal outline
Lead the creation of plans, schedules, and assignments
Manage the resources assigned to the proposal
Set expectations during proposal development
Plan, hold, and lead the proposal kickoff meeting
Schedule and coordinate proposal reviews
Determine how to resolve review comments
Track progress towards proposal completion
Determine what should be written
Work with the capture manager to resolve any resource gaps
Prepare for and coordinates proposal delivery
Articulate what information proposal writers need to write winning proposals during the pre-RFP pursuit
Fill gaps
Resolve conflicts
Coordinate production of business and pricing volumes

Process Administrator
Support the implementation of the proposal process
Free the proposal manager to focus on managing proposal resources and completion
Provide notifications, reminders, and guidance for executing the process
Complete process forms, documentation, and paperwork
Maintain proposal records
Track assignment completion and schedule fulfillment

Proposal Writer 
Contribute to proposal content plan development
Implement the proposal content plan
Write finished copy that incorporates the content plan instructions
Work with subject matter experts and other contributors to obtain information as needed
Conduct research as needed
Meet deadlines

Subject Matter Expert
Describe approaches and provide technical details
Deliver information and details instead of finished copy
Make sure the proposal is technically accurate and complete
Make sure the offering is executable and best-in-class
Draft proposal content as required

Production Manager
Implement the Production Plan and compliance with RFP instructions regarding formatting, packaging, and delivery
Oversee the rendering of graphics and their insertion into the document
Implement editorial standards, production conventions, and branding requirements
Function as a single point of contact for production assistance, tracking, and quality control
Maintain configuration management once production begins

Work with the pursuit strategist, proposal manager, writers, and subject matter experts to conceptualize graphics
Render proposal graphics
Comply with instructions regarding graphic composition
Complete any forms related to graphics
Maintain configuration management of graphic files

Other/Corporate Support
Prepare teaming agreements
Review contractual terms and conditions
Prepare pricing
Respond to requirements for certifications and representations
Recruit staff to bid
Obtain resumes for staff being bid
Support and prepare Bill of Materials, Basis of Estimate, and other business/pricing ancillary documentation


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