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We're about to release something new

A little something for companies that use consultants, and a little something for the consultants themselves

We have a couple of tools coming out that will make it much easier for companies and consultants to find and work with each other. The beta release will be unlike anything else out there, but very simple. It won't take hours to figure out. All it will do is solve two key problems that make it easier for companies to get the help they need to win their pursuits. Did I mention simple? Simple, but useful.

And given the size of our audience, we anticipate thousands of users within 60 days of release.

We're not ready to make a big announcement and share all the details, but we are ready to create a list of those who want to know the moment it's available. Here are some details we can share now:

  • For the initial release we're sticking to the markets we know best: business development, capture, and proposal consulting for US Government procurements. Other types of consulting, B2B, and international markets will get supported in the future.
  • The initial release will be Android only. Sorry all you iOS users.
  • Let's talk about cost. It's going to be pocket change. Not free, but pretty darn close. It won't even cover our cost of development. It's a loss leader.

Consultants who are early adopters will be rewarded by getting the most exposure. Companies who use consultants will get expanded access to resources.

That's about all the hints I can give you now.


It comes in two versions. One for consultants and one for the companies that use them. 

Click the button and send us you email address to get notified when it's ready and let us know which version you want to know about.

Attention Consultants:
Click this button to get notified when the beta is ready to try

Attention Companies:
Click this button to get notified when the beta is ready to try

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