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Using proposal themes to win

It takes more than just good wording for themes to be effective.

It takes more than just good wording for themes to be effective.

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Do they add up to a winning evaluation score?
For your proposal to win, it must achieve the winning score.  Your themes should not only be scoreable, but should achieve a winning score.  They should reflect the wording of the evaluation criteria and should reflect what it takes to get a winning score instead of an unsubstantiated statement about being the best solution for the customer’s needs.

Do they reflect your competitive advantages?
You should never seek to bid on a level playing field.  Bidding with a competitive advantage is the secret to consistently winning.  Do your themes demonstrate that you have a competitive advantage?

Are they written from the customer’s point of view?
Nobody likes to hear a salesperson talk about themselves.  Instead of describing your company or even your offering, your theme statements should describe what the customer will get, what the result will be, or how they will benefit from what you are proposing.

Are they substantiated?
Due to the need to keep them short, theme statements may not substantiate their claims.  But the proposal text that follows should.  You want the customer to understand why they should select you simply by reading your theme statements.  But you want them to immediately see, without having to look very hard, that your proposal backs up your claims.

Do they give the customer a reason to select you over all of your potential competitors?
It’s not enough to have reasons why the customer should select you.  The customer must have reasons to select you over your competitors.  Your theme statements should make it clear why you are a better choice.




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