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Opportunity pursuit lifecycle phase descriptions

The number and names of the phases are not important.  What really matters is that each phase has defined activity, roles/responsibilities, and a means to track performance.

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  • Marketing.  Marketing is the combination of the things you do to make potential customers aware of you, and the things you do to discover and better understand your customers.  Marketing takes place before the CapturePlanning.com MustWin Process starts.
  • Lead Identification.  Once marketing efforts result in a lead, the CapturePlanning.com MustWin Process can begin.
  • Lead Qualification.  The Process divides the time before the RFP is released into phases so progress can be tracked and measured.
  • Intelligence Gathering.  Each pre-RFP phase has specific goals and ends in a progress review.  Intelligence accumulates with each phase.
  • Bid Preparation.  As RFP release draws closer, the Process turns the intelligence gathered into information that is ready for use in the proposal, which is the only way it can impact the closing of the sale.
  • RFP Release.  The Process is designed to prepare you like a runner at the starting blocks for the release of the RFP.
  • Proposal Planning.  Proposal activity is planned, but planning efforts are expedited and fully validated.
  • Proposal Writing.  The Process is designed to determine what should be written, provide the information writers will need, and guide and facilitate their efforts.
  • Proposal Validation.  Plans, goals, and execution are all validated to ensure that the proposal produced is the right proposal.
  • Proposal Production.  Proposal production is a separate activity from writing and is where the proposal in its final form is prepared.
  • Submission.  Delivery to the customer is verified.
  • Post-Submission.  The process provides for clarifications and questions received after proposal submission.
  • Award.  The process ends with the award of the contract.
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