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Supply chain

If your project will include significant quantities of resources and supplies, it may be a good idea to address how you will manage your supply chain


  • What resources and supplies you will need or provide?
  • What is their manufacture, delivery, and/or storage method?
  • What resources uniquely qualify you for this project?
  • How will the customer benefit from your resources?
  • Are any of your resources exclusive to you and not available from other bidders?
  • What resources and supplies will the customer need to provide?
  • How will resources and supplies be procured?
  • How will resources be allocated across the project’s timeline and locations?
  • What is the supply chain required for you to make deliveries?
  • How you will manage the supply chain logistics?
  • How will you manage the supply chain finances?
  • What supplier supplier relationships are necessary?
  • What will you keep in inventory and how you will stock it?
  • How and where you will warehouse the inventory?
  • What software, tools, or tracking systems you will use to manage the supply chain?


The supply chain can be illustrated with a flow chart. A table can also be used to itemize the resources and show quantities, source, inventory, client benefits, etc.  


This section can be written to demonstrate a key theme that you think is important to the client, for example:

  • Immediate availability
  • Low cost
  • Reliability
  • Low risk

Any illustrations, tables, or narrative should enhance the credibility of the theme. If you have capabilities and resources beyond those required, you may wish to point them out for added value.


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