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Content planning iteration #6: add graphics and tables

Instructions for the sixth step:

  1. Insert placeholders for graphics. For each graphic that needs to be rendered, identify (in text):
    • The primary objective of the graphic, or the conclusion you want the reader to reach.
    • The audience for the graphic, including their needs/preferences.
    • The questions that the graphic should answer.
    • The subject matter being described.
    • Finally, use the conclusion you want the reader to arrive at after viewing the graphic to write the caption.
    • For each table, either insert a blank table to be completed by the Proposal Writers or identify the columns/content.
  2. Consider the use of navigation aids such as small compliance tables, features/benefits tables, text boxes summarizing the relevance of a section to the RFP, etc.
  3. Also consider the use of highlight boxes for pull-quotes, examples, etc.

Graphics can be created at the beginning and used to drive the writing as well as created as a result of the writing.  Either way, modify your instructions so that the Proposal Writers have the proper guidance.

At the completion of this iteration, the Content Plan will visually communicate your message.  It will not only set the stage for a beautiful proposal, but also for one that communicates better than is possible with text alone.


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