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Content planning iteration #5: add your solution and references

Your plan needs to address what you intend to propose

Instructions for the fifth step:

  1. Think of this iteration as summarizing your offering.
  2. You can take different approaches, depending on how your company decides what it will propose.
  3. If a team will collaboratively decide what to propose they can use the Content Plan to document the framework of the offering prior to writing about it.
  4. If the Proposal Manager knows what will be proposed, then it can be put into the Content Plan and passed on to writers/SMEs to expand into writing.
  5. If you do not know what will be proposed, you can use the Content Plan to provide specifications, instructions, or guidance regarding what needs to be figured out.
  6. Upon completion, you should have enough of the components, steps, or key processes to be able to validate whether it is what the company wishes to propose.
  7. Add examples, citations, references, or data that can substantiate or enhance your response.  Note: You can insert placeholders in the Content Plan for completion later if, for example, you know where an example should go but you do not know the specifics.
  8. If you do not know the components of the solution or relevant citation data, then insert an instruction for the Proposal Writers to complete.

At the completion of this iteration, the Content Plan will reflect a compliant offering and why the customer should select it.  You should describe your offering design, without writing narrative about it. You should be able to validate what you intend to offer before you commit to writing about it.


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