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The 10 most popular PropLIBRARY articles of 2023

Our best tips from the previous year to help you improve your win rate

It looks like the themes for this year's selections are not messing up, lessons learned, dealing with resource constraints, taking your proposal process to the next level, AI, and myth busting. But the common thread woven into all of them is that they all can help you maximize your win rate. It pleases me to see it work out that way.

  1. Anti-Differentiators: Don't say these things unless you want your proposals to sound ordinary
  2. I was today years old when I learned what proposal management should really focus on
  3. Writing (and winning!) a proposal with the staff you have instead of the staff you need
  4. Perfecting your proposal process by eliminating the need for people to ask questions about it
  5. 11 lessons learned about life from a career spent working on proposals
  6. 9 ways to upgrade your proposal process
  7. The not-so-obvious truth about using AI on proposals
  8. Time management for proposals
  9. How branding can hurt your proposals
  10. Applying AI to business development, capture management, proposal management, and proposal writing

It also pleases me to see that traffic to PropLIBRARY continues to grow by double-digit percentages, as it has every year since I founded it. Thank you for continuing to find value in the information we publish.


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