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Examples of how to build a training program using our modules

Mix and match to get just the training you need, for as many as you need

This is an example of four different approaches you can take to learning about proposal writing from the customer’s perspective. What you see also applies to our other training topics like improving proposal quality and proposal communications and expectations. You can see how our training scales from immediate solutions to challenges to complete process guidance to continuous improvement programs. Click here for more details on how the training works.

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Enterprise training topics
  1. Learn about proposal writing from the customer’s perspective. One session. Quick learning. Leaves you with a new awareness that will impact your proposal writing. Price of one learning session: $1200. You can have as many people listening in on the session as you need. Use this approach to address a key challenge quickly and inexpensively.
  2. Develop your team's skills at writing from the customer’s perspective. One learning session plus one practice session. Leaves you knowing how to apply what you’ve learned. Price of one learning session ($1200) and one practice session ($1800): $3000. You can have as many people participating as you need. Use this approach where you want skills development in addition to awareness.
  3. Train your organization to collect the right input and use it to write from the customer’s perspective. One session to learn about creating and using proposal input forms, one session on writing from the customer’s perspective, and one practice session. What you’ll learn is that writing from the customer’s perspective requires an understanding of the customer’s perspective. Price of two learning and one practice sessions: $4200. You can’t just make it up, you have to go get the input you need. Learning how to collect what you need from the people who have customer contacts is a necessary part of writing from the customer’s perspective. Combine the three sessions and your people will see how that plays out and what to do about it.
  4. Train your organization in the process of collecting the right input, using it to write from the customer’s perspective, and validating that people didn’t slip back into old habits. One session to learn about creating and using proposal input forms, one practice session to tailor proposal input forms to your particular needs, one session to learn about using that input to write from the customer’s perspective, and one session to practice writing from the customer’s perspective. Price of four combined sessions: $6000. Use this approach when you want to institutionalize writing from the customer’s perspective in a way that incorporates it into your proposal process.

Remember, writing from the customer's perspective is only one of dozens of possible topics. Not only can each be taught in isolation or scaled up like the example above, but topics can also be combined to broaden the coverage of the training.

Continuous win rate improvement

You can also change how the training rolls out over time, because of how flexible the deployment model is. For example, you could:

  • Do one or two proposal writing topics a week for a month in preparation for an RFP release.
  • Do a single proposal writing topic with the practice session once per month for a year and have continuous skills improvement.
  • Do a single proposal process topic each month for a year and have meaningful continuous process improvement. Repeat it the following year and revisit topics to improve them even more. You could use a similar approach to roll out your proposal process, starting from scratch or improving what you have as a starting point.
  • Combine a few key proposal quality topics into an intensive series over a week to prepare review teams to do a better, less subjective job of proposal review for a critical must win.

Start by asking yourself what challenges you need to address over what period of time. Then scale the training to fit what you are trying to accomplish. You can also scale the depth according to your budget, simply by how many sessions you select.

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