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Capture manager

The Capture Manager takes a lead that has been identified and qualified, and wins it by being the driver, the leader, and the decision maker

Key responsibilites include:

  • Capture Managers must not only sell to the customer, but also must sell internally to gain support and resources for the pursuit.
  • A Capture Manager must know about the customer, the opportunity, the scope of work, project management, budgeting, pricing, contracting, proposal writing, and how to obtain, allocate, and steal resources within the company.

Congratulations!  You have the most challenging job in winning new business.  It is also the most important.  A Capture Manager has all of his or her eggs in one basket, being dedicated to the pursuit of a Must Win opportunity until it is awarded.  If the Capture Manager is not dedicated, then they may be pulled in too many directions to give the opportunity the attention it needs.  If it is truly a Must Win opportunity, then it deserves to have at least one person dedicated to its pursuit, and that person is the Capture Manager.  If you aren’t dedicated, then you’re being pulled in too many directions and can’t give every opportunity the attention it needs.

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