MustWin Opportunity Pursuit and Capture Program

Project based learning to transform your company and maximize your win probability

In January we're going to launch the largest, most detailed training program we've ever offered. It's going to be a lot more than just training. It's going to be project based learning. It's going to be a 6-month program that will start with an identified lead and cover everything through to proposal submission. Instead of teaching procedures, this program will teach what you need to know to implement effective processes or improve what you have in each goal and phase. It will show you how to win more of what you bid. And that will make it all worthwhile.

Go beyond learning about pursuit and capture and turn it into a repeatable process for winning that is tailored for your company

Takeaway materials for you to tailor and use in your process include:
  • A guide explaining 11 ways to get ahead of the RFP
  • A checklist with 24 ways to influence the RFP
  • A cheat sheet providing 101 ways to earn goodwill and help a potential customer in writing
  • A checklist for conducting site visits
  • Pre-proposal process option guides: Are these the right goals? Mapping activities and information gathering to your goals
  • Lists of process quality criteria, activities, and deliverables 
  • Over 140 pursuit capture form items to customize
  • Guide: Readiness reviews and gate decisions
  • eBook: 509 Questions to Answer in Your Proposals
  • Sample bid/no bid decision and review criteria to customize
  • 7 topic-driven proposal input forms
  • eBook: Proposal start-up information checklist with 135 questions in 9 categories
  • Pursuit and proposal staffing model guide
  • Proposal kickoff process option guide
  • Proposal logistics planning worksheet
  • Proposal production process option guide
  • Proposal submission considerations

Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to process, our Pursuit and Capture Program will focus on understanding how to adapt process to each participating company’s size, type of offering, maturity, staff availability, etc. If students stay on track with the bi-weekly topics and homework assignments, by the end they’ll have a complete process tailored to their company’s needs. The depth and breadth of coverage is huge. So is the amount of takeaway materials. The course leverages our complete proposal content library that we’ve spent 20 years building.

Every other week we’ll open a new course module. In between, Carl Dickson, Founder of and PropLIBRARY, will have a private session with each participating company. During the private sessions we'll focus on the decisions you need to make and the challenges you need to overcome to maximize your win probability and capture what you pursue. You'll get personalized guidance for how to tailor the course topics to your particular circumstances. 

Each course module should only take 1-3 hours to go through, and you can study on your own schedule. But the emphasis will be on application and not studying. Each week you’ll have options to consider, decisions to make, and assignments to customize and improve your own process. You'll spend more time applying what you learn to improving your company's ability to pursue and capture its leads.

The Pursuit and Capture Program comes with a free subscription to PropLIBRARY and use of MustWin Now

Each student will get a free PropLIBRARY subscription during the course, including MustWin Now. Each company can have up to 5 students participating. The course will be conducted remotely, and the schedule will be flexible enough to adapt to competing priorities. 

If you are already a PropLIBRARY Subscriber, you’ll get full credit for your subscription. If your subscription is a single user subscription, you’ll get an upgrade to a 5-user subscription during the course. At the end of the course, the cost to continue the 5-user subscription will only be $95 per month.

More details and pricing

This Pursuit and Capture Program is for both small businesses who need to compete with more mature companies and large businesses who want to increase their win rate and improve their competitiveness. It is a 6-month program for up to 5 participants, alternating between a course module and a personalized session each week. The price is $9,600, which is the equivalent of just $400 per week. And you can come out of it with a capture and proposal process that companies have spent tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars developing. If you just bought the subscription to PropLIBRARY separately, it would cost you $1,370, and it’s included. You’ll also get all the takeaway goodies shown in the gray box on the right.

What do people get out of this program? Who's it for?

Answers to questions about scheduling, advantages, participants, stakeholders, and homework

But wait, it gets better

The Pursuit and Capture Program will start on January 6th. If you sign up and pay in December, you’ll get a $2,400 discount, reducing the price to $7,200. You will not find a 6-month long process development program this intensive that is a better value anywhere, even if you try to do it internally. 

True fact: The last process reengineering project we did for a company as consultants was a relatively small one. We billed $28,000 for it. A capture process we created and documented for a billion dollar company totaled $74,910.

This program is the most cost-effective way to inject new ideas into your process, get an expert’s opinion on your approaches, and take a huge leap forward in your ability to win your pursuits. It will easily pay for itself by improving your win rate. It could easily pay for itself thousands of times over.

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  3. If you are a current PropLIBRARY subscriber, use the question button below to let us know and we'll explain how to get full credit for your subscription.

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