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MustWin Now at a glance

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MustWin Now is a toolbox with a lot of depth and breadth and many options. It streamlines the process while providing both inspiration and guidance for participants. All of the online training and helpful information in PropLIBRARY is just-in-time linked to the steps within MustWin Now. This helps people who are new to proposals as well as experienced professionals.

MustWin Now supports both the pre-RFP and proposal phases of pursuit with these tools:

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About MustWin Now
  • Pursuit Capture Forms. Can be used to provide a little bit of structure for the pre-RFP phase and to ensure you gather the information you will need to win. If you elect not to use it during the pre-RFP phase, you can still use it at RFP release as a way to assess what you know about the customer, opportunity, and competitive environment. You can use it to drive your win strategies into the proposal.
  • RFP Compliance Matrix Builder. Cross-references the RFP requirements and enables you to build a proposal outline based on what the customer expects and how they perform proposal evaluation. This greatly streamlines creating the shell for the Proposal Content Plan and automatically puts only the relevant RFP requirements in front of proposal writers.
  • Proposal Content Planning. The fastest tool in existence for creating a proposal writer's instruction package that addresses what to write and how to present it, and also provides quality criteria so they can tell when they've done a good job. This improves the quality of the very first draft so much that proposal reviews can become an opportunity to improve the proposal instead of focusing on finding all the defects and figuring out what to do about them in the time remaining. If you use the Pursuit Capture Forms, then MustWin Now enables you to drive your win strategies based on pre-RFP intelligence about what it will take to win to the proposal document.


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