New features added to MustWin Now

Change log and development updates

MustWin Now is a cloud app. We can add new features without you having to install or do anything. And we take requests. We currently have 49 tasks in our development queue, including some amazing things I wish I could discuss...

September 2019 change log:

  • Single users: Can now skip steps that require multiple users.
  • Navigation: Made MustWin Now accessible via the PropLIBRARY main menu. This is much faster and more convenient since it’s visible from anywhere on the site.
  • Navigation: Added buttons to advance to the next tool. Saves you a couple of clicks and keeps you in the workflow. Every click counts.
  • User interface: Added the MustWin Now banner and changed the view to focus on the current proposal.
  • Support: Added a setting so you can allow Tech Support to see your pursuits. We can’t see your proposals unless you invite us in.
  • Added new payment method. Makes it easier to add users for companies that want to get the most out of MustWin Now. See the subscription page for details. We can migrate current subscribers, but we have to do it manually. It only makes sense to migrate if you want to add users, but we'll be glad to do it if you send a request.
  • User request: Added feature to clone pursuits. Set up a baseline RFP, compliance matrix, and even content plan and now you can clone it. It’s useful for training and possibly proposals that always start from the same point.
  • Content planning tool: Modified first step to show “No answers provided” when no Pursuit Capture Form input is received. This is better than a blank screen.
  • Content planning tool: Added links from RFP text back to the Compliance Matrix tool. This is rarely needed but nice to have.
  • Content planning tool: Made the instruction entry field wider so you can see more.
  • Content planning tool: Changed the RFP full text expanding banners default so that they open displayed instead of hidden.
  • RFP entry: Allow RFP heading numbers to duplicate when they are different requirement types.
  • Fixed bug: Removed message "Validate this section is entered and linked correctly:" from appearing in content plans when not on a validation step.

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