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The MustWin Federal Growth Program

How we help companies transform so they can reliably win new contracts

This program is for people who want to build organizations that reliably win contracts.

No. Let me rephrase.

This program is for people who want to build their entire company around reliably winning contracts.

This program is for people who want to grow by capturing the leads they chase, instead of chasing as many leads as they possibly can until they win something.

This program is for people who are willing to invest because that’s necessary to achieve the highest levels of return. This program is for people who want to track their return on investment and bail on anything that’s not positive.

So what is this program?

It’s actually two programs. One is aimed at small businesses and is scaled to what they can afford. The other is aimed at established enterprises who need to reengineer their growth. It requires a larger investment but also produces a much better return. Both programs are limited to US Federal Government contractors.

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  1. The MustWin Growth Program for Small Businesses. Helps you build the right foundation by helping you develop your staff and processes. If you do this after you've grown it will be like herding cats. This program is about laying the right foundation so that as your company grows, it grows healthy and without developing the bad habits that most established companies have. This version of the MustWin Growth Program costs about half as much as the one designed for larger enterprises that are reengineering their ability to win contracts. It’s the same ideas, only with our level of effort scaled down a bit, customer staff participation scaled up a bit, and tighter limits on the scope. The other version is designed to maximize return on investment. This version balances return on investment with the program cost.
  2. The MustWin Reengineering for Growth Program. For established companies that realize it’s time to reengineer their business development, capture, and proposal processes to get better at winning their pursuits. This happens from time to time at companies of every size. Sometimes it’s the result of turnover, and sometimes it’s a lack of process maturity catching up with it. This program is for companies that realize that it’s past the time to make improvements here or there, time to look at the broader picture of how they win new business, and time to get everyone on the same page regarding how to grow.

In both programs

You can expect that:

  • We'll use all the resources of PropLIBRARY, including the MustWin Process and MustWin Now software to streamline the implementation and get everyone on the same page.
  • We'll recommend processes for both the pre-RFP pursuit phase and the proposal phase to maximize your win rate.
  • We'll have frequent teleconferences and online meetings to maintain progress to work with key stakeholders involved in business development, capture, and proposals.
  • We'll support pursuit and proposal planning and quality assurance to get everyone on the same page and keep them there.
  • We’ll help the staff you have become experts at winning.
  • We’ll work with your executives to create a growth-oriented culture.
  • We’ll help you phase in the processes you need instead of suddenly overwhelming people with burdensome structure.
  • The processes we do implement will be innovative, highly practical, and take advantage of the streamlining that our online tool, MustWin Now, enables. 
  • We'll conduct a pipeline assessment to set targets and ROI goals for tracking, so we know exactly what numbers we need to hit for this program to be profitable. We intend to run it like a profit center and not as an expense.
  • We'll provide lots of guidance and training to orient and guide staff through the process.
  • We'll also provide forms, checklists, and templates for you to customize and brand as we implement the process.
  • Every day we’ll make a little progress. Over the course of a year or so we’ll transform your company in a way that will have a lasting impact. 

What we don’t do is find your leads for you and interact directly with your customers. If you need it, a partner of ours offers a lead identification and sales plan program

If you need us to put pen to paper or provide hands-on help, we’ll provide it based on our hourly rate. We’re also willing to travel to provide training and onsite support, but in addition to reimbursement for travel and lodging, we charge by the day for this. We would rather develop your staff than burn billable hours, so you may not need our hands-on or onsite support. But we’re here for you if you need to fill gaps.

Results matter

When taken to its conclusion, the result of this program will be:

  • A sustainable improvement in your win rate that more than covers the cost of the program. And then some.
  • Improved business development, capture, and proposal processes.
  • Staff who know how to execute those processes and are not dependent on us to keep them going.
  • A corporate culture that recognizes growth as the source of all opportunity, and how each person supporting a pursuit can contribute to that growth.
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