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Case study: two days of onsite proposal training

This is an example of a solution that we prepared for someone else. The solution that we prepare for you will be based on your particular needs. However, it’s a good way for you to get an idea of how we work and a great way to start a conversation about how your needs are similar or different.

The Customer’s Circumstances. A company wanted training in proposal writing provided at their site. They were potentially interested in other services, but wanted to start off with the training.

Our Approach. We started with email and progressed to a lengthy conversation with multiple participants that was almost like a job interview. We talked about what was driving their need for training, who the participants would be, what their backgrounds were, and what results they would like to see after the training.

Proposal training involves some major trade-offs. For example, you should have lots of exercises. Exercises take lots of time. If you’re trying to cover everything in just a day or two you get a trade-off between exercises and subject matter coverage. There’s also a trade-off between packing the room with as many people as possible and keeping the number of participants low so they get more personal attention. We can discuss the pros and cons of either, but like the customer to drive how these trade-offs should be made.

We knew the customer was speaking with other potential providers, but we don’t mind. The way we leverage PropLIBRARY makes for a unique solution and a number of the other things we do are disruptive to the competition anyway.

Our Solution. We proposed a two day session that reflect our discussions about the trade-offs. Then we added some of our special techniques:

  • We offered exercises that could be performed outside of the classroom and uploaded to PropLIBRARY for review. This had the effect of increasing the amount of training time by 50% while holding the actual classroom time to two days.
  • We set up a series of post-training webinars for ongoing Q&A and support.
  • We included a Corporate Subscription to PropLIBRARY that provides participants with an insane amount of takeaway value.
  • We offered options regarding the training topics. Our curriculum is modular by design, giving us the ability to economically customize the presentation. No two are ever the same. Our training, and even our exercises, can reflect your lines of business, the backgrounds of your students, the types of bids you submit, etc.
  • We laid the foundation for future support by including as options things like online training and support. This way they had a vision of the future that until then they only thought of as a potential.


The two-day session itself ran $7,000 and included instructor travel and lodging. There was also a $65 materials fee for each participant, to cover our costs if they decided to pack the room with participants.

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