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MustWin Now: Adding a new pursuit

Setting things up so you can get to work

In addition to this step-by-step description, here is a video of how to add a pursuit to MustWin Now.

When you first visit MustWin Now it will appear until you add your first pursuit. To add your first pursuit, go to your MustWin Now dashboard. At the top right, click on the green “Start a new pursuit” button.


Then complete the form that pops up.


Give your proposal a name. The name should be whatever people in your company will recognize. Most people use the name given by the customer in the RFP, sometimes with the customer’s name added.

Since the RFP has been released, you should click on the switch so it turns green.

You can ignore the RFP Release Version since that used when the customer issues an amendment that changes the RFP and we won’t be using that feature.

If you have already downloaded the RFP from the training module, you can upload it to MustWin Now here. Or you can skip uploading the RFP and do it later.

When you click save you should see your new pursuit on the dashboard like this:







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