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Case study: large scale dispersed proposal training

This is an example of a solution that we prepared for someone else. The solution that we prepare for you will be based on your particular needs. However, it’s a good way for you to get an idea of how we work and a great way to start a conversation about how your needs are similar or different.

The Customer’s Circumstances. A company with international offices contacted us about proposal training for 500-600 people. They weren’t sure what to do because it just wasn’t economical to send an instructor to all of their offices. They also didn’t want the training to be one-time event. Finally, they wanted to build a repository for training materials and proposal support.

Our Approach. We started with a conversation. We talked about the problems with each form of training and discussed how a combination approach might work best. We agreed to prepare some ideas and have a follow-up conversation. During the follow-up we went into details and verified the estimates (how many sessions, how long, how many participants, etc.). We talked about price ranges and value. After the second conversation we prepared a written proposal that they could share with their management.

Our Solution. We proposed a combination of a PropLIBRARY Corporate Subscription, with customization and support so they could use it as their training, monthly continuous improvement webinars (that also provide an opportunity for live Q&A), and skills enhancement exercises to provide an interactive experience. We also set-up a vehicle for consulting support that they could use when they ran into problems and wanted some advice. With some of our other customers we have proposed spending a day or two at their site at the beginning to kick things off and provide some live training. However, in this case that didn’t make sense.

We broke the implementation down into a pilot phase and a final roll out. The charge for each phase was approximately $6,000. For this they would get:

  • An online tool that everyone could use as needed that was customized with their processes and materials.
  • Remote instructor-led training spread over a year instead of a one-time event.
  • Monthly opportunities to ask the instructor questions.
  • Exercises that would not only reinforce learning but would demonstrate capability and provide a way to track individual participation.


For what some companies charge for a single on-site instructor-led course presentation they could have an international solution with interactivity, quantifiable improvement, and fully access to the PropLIBRARY Knowledgebase for 500-600 people.

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