HAPD Week 4

DOE ORISE Win Strategy and Proposal Planning

HAPD Week 4:

DOE ORISE Win Strategy and Proposal Plans

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Monday, 15-April-2019 to Wednesday, 17-April-2019

  1. We continue Module 3.2 Intro to Pre-RFP Planning and we will be finishing our proposal schedule, which is posted here.
  2. We will develop outcomes tables for our content plans - instructions are posted here. The outcomes tables are due in your content plans by COB Week 4 Tuesday. Post these to your Week 4 Writer Folder
  3. We will also be developing our proposal and production plans on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning.
  4. Wednesday morning from 9:00 AM ET - 10:00 AM ET, Kat is presenting a review of the Graphics Workshop material (review for the mid-term exam in Week 6)
  5. Wednesday afternoon starting at 1:00 PM ET, we will have a DOE Win Strategy Workshop during which we will review the maturity of the outcomes tables as part of our discriminators, differentiators, features, benefits, and win themes discussion. 

If you finish any of your assignments early, continue watching the videos on Microsoft Word:

You can also review this article on content planning in PropLIBRARY. Where there are links in the articles – follow those links for additional content. Below are also links to our proposal boilerplate library and past performance materials

Quiz and Discussion

  • Week 4 Quiz - There is no quiz this week.
  • Week 4 Discussion - There is no discussion this week. 

Where to find the Draft DOE ORISE solicitation

  • The draft DOE ORISE solicitation has been released (posted here on the AES client SharePoint portal).  

Thursday, 18-April-2019 to Friday, 19-April-2019

  • John is presenting a review of the Rapid Proposal Writing presentation (review for the mid-term exam in Week 6) on Thursday at 9:00 AM ET - 10:00 AM ET
  • Thursday we are remote and will be presenting three modules: 
    • 4.1 Module Advanced FAR Part 15
    • 4.2 Module Intro to Color Teams
    • 4.3 Module Intro to Past Performance and Experience
  • Friday we are virtual and are having our scheduled one-on-one meetings.

Learning Objectives:

Learning Objectives

  • Plan pre-RFP activities, assignments, schedule, and response strategies
  • Understand how federal proposal win strategies are developed
  • Learn to identify customer desired outcomes and translate these into approaches and benefits
  • Learn to navigate a proposal and past performance library
  • Learn to format different layouts in MS Word
  • Commence work on the draft solicitation

To Do List:

  • Complete your outcomes table draft by Week 4 Tuesday, COB
  • Participate in your planning strategy - one of these:
    • Proposal Planning (Carrie, Phil, Nick)
    • Production Planning (Carrie, Nick, Kat, Lisa, Charlotte, Jose)
    • Win Strategy Planning (Team - key players are Carrie, Drew, John, and Matt)
  • Attend the webinars on Thursday afternoon
  • Meet with your instruction on Friday

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