HAPD Week 3

Proposal and Response Planning

HAPD Week 3:

Proposal and Response Planning

Monday, 8-April-2019 to Tuesday, 9-April-2019

We continue Module 2.6 and Exercise 2.2, which introduce the beginner to the basics of the content plan: Formatting and how to plan your content for your assigned sections. There are references to additional sources of learning for desktop publishing and writing, including videos and articles. The second Week 2 Exercise is introduced – planning and writing your first compliant proposal section. We also revisit the discussion requirements of the week to ensure you’re staying focused on it.

Post your document to your Week 2 Writer Folder by the deadline (Week 3 Monday at 3:00 PM ET).

On Tuesday, you'll be working in your cohorts to review, recommend improvements, perform live edits, and finalize formatting for your documents.

If you finish early, continue watching the videos on Microsoft Word:

You can also review these articles on proposal outlining, the compliance matrix, and content planning in PropLIBRARY. Where there are links in the articles – follow those links for additional content:

Week 3 Quiz - Due Sunday at 11:59 PM ET

Also - don't forget that the Week 3 quiz is due Sunday at 11:59 PM ET. The link to the quiz home page is here and the Week 3 quiz study guide is posted here

Wednesday, 10-April-2019 to Friday, 12-April-2019

The draft DOE ORISE solicitation has been released (posted here on the AES client SharePoint portal). For the remainder of the week, we'll cover pre-RFP proposal planning and we'll create the proposal schedule, draft proposal plan, compliance matrix, assignments, proposal quality criteria scorecards, writer templates, and begin work on content plans for the PWS mission areas and experience/past performance. 

Learning Objectives:

Learning Objectives - Module 2.6 and Exercise 2.2:

  • Understanding why the Federal Government cares about formatting so many
  • Describing what is meant by “leveling the playing field”
  • Understanding the importance of fully-compliant formatting in a proposal
  • Performing basic formatting in an MS Word document
  • Describing what makes a great proposal writer
  • Describing the steps a proposal writer should take to plan and write their assigned proposal sections
  • Complete a formatted, compliant proposal section by the deadline
  • Plan pre-RFP activities, assignments, schedule, and response strategies
  • Commence work on the draft solicitation

To Do List:

  • There is no discussion this week
  • Complete assigned readings and watch assigned videos
  • Complete and submit the exercises by the deadlines (see above)
  • Complete the Week 3 Quiz - a study guide is posted in the Week 3 folder

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