HAPD Week 1

Hinz Academy Week 1: Course Introduction and the Basics

Week 1: Welcome and the Basics

Overview of Week 1:

Monday, 25-March-2019

  • Module 1.1 introduces students to the Hinz Academy Proposal Developer Boot Camp course and our first assignment.
  • Exercise 1.1 introduces students to the basics of proposal writing and live editing.

Tuesday, 26-March-2019 through Thursday, 28-March-2019

  • Module 1.2 introduces students to content planning and live editing.
  • Exercise 1.2 allows students to apply the content planning and live editing process to a quick-turn proposal assignment.

Friday, 29-March-2019 through Monday, 1-April-2019

  • Module 1.3 introduces students to proposal graphics design.
  • Exercise 1.3 allows students to apply the graphics design process to a quick-turn proposal assignment.
  • Exercise 1.4 allows students to participate in a group live edit.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this week you will be able to:

Learning Objectives - Module 1.1:

  • Understand the basics of the Hinz Academy Proposal Developer Boot Camp Course (HAPD)
  • Know what it takes to be successful in this course
  • Locate the HAPD portals
  • Understand proposal writing and editing basics

Learning Objectives - Module 1.2:

  • Learning how to rapidly write and edit a draft proposal section ready for review
  • Describing why the use of active voice is critical for proposal clarity
  • Knowing how to solve basic writing problems
  • Planning a proposal section to write rapidly
  • Successfully writing the first and second drafts
  • Performing a live edit with a partner to finalize a draft proposal section using the guidance in this module

Learning Objectives – Module 1.3:

  • Understanding the value of compelling proposal graphics
  • Describing what makes a proposal graphic compelling
  • Describing what a concept of operations (CONOP) is
  • Learning how to use the graphic storyboard template and outcomes table to create graphic concepts
  • Learning how to create simple PowerPoint graphics

To Do List:

  • Setup your laptops
  • Attend the three lectures (Module 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3)
  • Complete training assignments
  • Participate in the partner live edits and group live edit

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