HAPD Week 1 Discussion


Week 1 Discussion

For the Week 1 discussion, complete your initial post by Tuesday at 11:59 PM ET and respond to a minimum of two posts by Thursday at 11:59 PM ET.

This week’s discussion: Introduce yourself and your interest in the proposal profession. Respond using an outline format that you create based upon these instructions. Include:

1.       Your name

2.       Where you grew up

3.       What was your favorite course in school and why?

4.       Do you enjoy writing and project management?

5.       Do you have any pets and, if so, what is (are) your pet’s (pets’) name(s)?

6.       Why are you interested in proposals?

Also, based upon the Week 1 assigned readings and/or the success criteria for week 1 below, ask your fellow students one or two questions related to: (1) Proposals, (2) writing, (3) being successful in this week’s activities, and/or (4) being a consultant.

When responding to posts:

1.       Explain why you chose this particular post to respond to

2.       Respond to the question(s) the student asked in their post.

3.       Use an outline format and edit for content and grammar.

Post Word Counts:

  • Initial post word count: A minimum of 100 words and a maximum of 400 words.
  • Response word count: A minimum of 200 words and maximum of 500 words.


If you use any sources (including the assigned reading sources) in your posts, you must cite your sources using the AP citation format. If you do not know how to format a citation using the AP format, this should be one of your questions.

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