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Quality criteria for assessing whether an RFP based proposal outline has been completed correctly

How do you know if your proposal outline has been properly completed?

Proposal Outline Quality

The proposal outline should be fully validated prior to writing the proposal based on it. Changes in the proposal outline after writing starts can be very disruptive and should be avoided by thoroughly reviewing the proposal outline.

The following is intended to be used as a checklist both by the author of the proposal outline and by any subsequent reviewers to ensure that the outline is correct. 


  • Is the outline organized according to the RFP instructions?
  • See also:
    PQV quality criteria
  • Will the customer be able to find things where they expect to find them, based on the RFP?
  • Does the outline also address any evaluation criteria? Will the customer find it clear where to find things relevant to their scoring of your proposal and completion of their evaluation forms?
  • Have your organized your response to the technical requirements according to the RFP so that the customer will be able to find where in your proposal you have responded to each requirement?
  • Do all proposal headings match their corresponding RFP requirements so that customers can find things using keyword searches?
  • Are you at risk of the customer not finding something because it is not organized or labelled the same way as in the RFP? If the customer evaluates by following the RFP instead of your outline, will they be able to find everything they are looking for?
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