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Coming soon: Online compliance matrix builder

When this launches, it could really change how proposals are built

rfp-proposal-outline.pngWe're adding a compliance matrix builder to our MustWin Performance Support Tool.

Here are a couple of screenshots as a teaser. Hiding behind them is a bunch of capability. Even though the code is nearly complete, there's a lot that goes into a launch after that and we don't want to post everything until it's ready for you to use. What you see on the left is the RFP. What you see on the right is the proposal outline being built. 

Now, imagine linking the RFP to the proposal using drag and drop. Drag an RFP requirement to a proposal item. Then when you are in a proposal section, you see all the RFP requirements that are relevant to it. 

Along the way, imagine highlighting RFP requirements that haven't been linked to any proposal sections. That's what the gray items are in the screenshot. This helps you find potential non-compliance.

rfp-by-category.pngWhen you click the "Show me" button you get several options that can help you make sense of and manage the RFP requirements. For example, you can sort the RFP requirements by whether they are instructions, evaluation criteria, or performance requirements. Other options including showing RFP requirements that have validation issues, discussions around the RFP requirements, and potential questions to submit about the RFP.

The compliance matrix builder will be integrated into our MustWin Performance Support Tool so you can go seamlessly from the compliance matrix into proposal content planning. We'll post some more screenshots and tell you about some of the other features like the step-by-step guidance, support for validating the compliance matrix, issue tracking, RFP question gathering, and more, next week.

It will be a free addition for our current subscribers, who will also be eligible to help us test it soon. Even though we've tested it on some wacky RFPs, customers are always finding new ways to make RFPs difficult to understand. When we launch we'll also be offering some free hand-holding for our Corporate Subscribers who want to try it, to make sure your proposals go smoothly. If you're not a subscriber and want to become one before we launch the new tool so you can get in on the fun, here is where you'll find more information on subscribing.

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