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Controlling access to your proposal

There are three types of roles people can play

Within the MWPPSS there are three roles people can play:

  • Content Planner. Can add/change/delete the outline and planning items. Can control access.
  • Writer. Can view the planning items, report their progress, and comment.
  • Reviewer. Can review the planning items.

Permissions are set section-by-section. You can have as many planners, writers, and reviewers as you need. So you can have someone planning one section and reviewing another. Or have someone doing all three in every section. How you allocate these functions to the resources you have is up to you.

In order to be eligible for access, the user must be part of your Corporate Subscription. But even your subscribers won't have access until you give it to them. To do this, click on the "people" icon on the outline page. Then click on the "Add User Assignment" button. You should see this:


Look up each user you want to have access and assign their role. Do this for each section.

To revoke someone's access, click on the "x" floating next to their image/icon.

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