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Creating a proposal in the MustWin Proposal Performance Support Tool

The first step is to identify the proposal you'll be working on

Click the "Add New Proposal" button and give it name. That's basically it.

But here's some background and things that are good to know...

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MWPST Help getting started

When you first arrive, it looks blank. That's because you have defined any proposals to work on.

When you add a new proposal, you should also give your proposal a description. We recommend including the solicitation number (if any). You might also want to include the client name, either in the proposal name or in the description.

What you put in the title and description is up to you. You have have a long description or a short one. You can edit it later. 

What you want them to do is enable people to be able to find and understand what they are working on.

Let's discuss your challenges with preparing proposals and winning new business...

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