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Frequently Asked Question: How can PropLIBRARY help my organization?

PropLIBRARY helps you win what you pursue

For single users, you can browse and find information related to where you are in the pursuit process and what you are trying to do and learn how to do it better. You can get our process recommendations and use them to fill gaps in your existing process or implement a pursuit process from scratch. You can get immediate online training. You can improve your proposal writing by using our recipes. PropLIBRARY is so flexible because people arrive here at different points in time, play different roles, and have different needs. Everything from process documentation, articles, proposal recipes, and files to online training courses is cross-referenced so that from any key topic you can get to all of our content.

PropLIBRARY is a tool for increasing your win rate and maximizing your ROI.

For organizational development, we offer Corporate Subscriptions that bring all of the above to up to 50 users. A Corporate Subscription turns PropLIBRARY into an organization-wide process support and training tool. PropLIBRARY enables a company to implement internal certification and skills development programs. It enables small companies to compete against giants with a pursuit process just as sophisticated as theirs. It enables large companies to get everyone on the same page and continuously improve their win rate and ROI. Having a Corporate Subscription to PropLIBRARY gives you a competitive advantage over other organizations.

For the most ambitious companies, we can customize the content and training and turn PropLIBRARY into an organizational development platform. We can convert lessons learned into just-in-time online training that you can painlessly embed into your pursuit process.

We have shared hundreds of free content items covering every part of PropLIBRARY, which you may browse to assess the value for you and your organization. They explain the theory and foundation behind our recommendations. A subscription to PropLIBRARY unlocks the premium content that gives you all the details you need to immediately implement those recommendations and our MustWin Process.

We can drill down into more detail if you share what your areas of interest are. Use the button below to start a conversation.


Let's discuss your challenges with preparing proposals and winning new business...

Access to premium content items is limited to PropLIBRARY Subscribers

A subscription to PropLIBRARY unlocks hundreds of premium content items including recipes, forms, checklists, and more to make it easy to turn our recommendations into winning proposals. Subscribers can also use MustWin Now, our online proposal content planning tool.

Carl Dickson

Carl is the Founder and President of CapturePlanning.com and PropLIBRARY

Carl is an expert at winning in writing, with more than 30 year's experience. He's written multiple books and published over a thousand articles that have helped millions of people develop business and write better proposals. Carl is also a frequent speaker, trainer, and consultant and can be reached at carl.dickson@captureplanning.com. To find out more about him, you can also connect with Carl on LinkedIn.

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In addition to PropLIBRARY's online resources, we also provide full-service consulting for when you're ready to engage one of our experts.

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