Developing winning organizations

How to manage the change required to transform into a winning organization

When an organization decides it's time to get good at winning new contracts, it often focuses on developing its proposal process. This is a good thing. But it is also not enough. It is merely a starting point. Winning as an organization requires more than just a process. There are staff issues, leadership issues, culture, management practices, strategies, collaboration, resource allocation, and more that are also needed. 

Becoming a winning organization is critically important for achieving growth. And without growth, the opportunities a company can offer the staff that work for it are limited. Growth should be your top priority for developing a winning culture. But becoming a winning organization requires change, and people are not good at change. And the change should go to the very heart of your company's mission, because it's probably holding you back.

Becoming a winning organization is critically important for achieving growth.

Organizational development can start by increasing the effectiveness of your proposal group. But it shouldn't end there. A winning organization will consistently beat collections of contributors thrown together to produce proposals, even if they call themselves a "team." If you simply delegate winning to ad hoc proposal teams, you will not maximize your chances of winning. Here is how to tell when winning requires organizational change. Because the culture in an organization is often different than what people aspire for it to be, it also helps to assess your organization using some objective signs that your company is not the winning organization it could be.

When you realize that corporate culture is as important to growth as the steps in your process are to improving your win rate, then you have to figure out what specifically to do to create a winning culture. Most companies don't give it nearly enough attention, and as a result, it's defined more by personalities than by intent. Developing organizational approaches that enable you to produce proposals that are better than what a collection of individuals is capable of is how you can consistently beat your competitors. And that starts by developing a winning culture.


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