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What we're up to

A roadmap for the future


In describing our plans, we're not making promises. All dates, features, prices, details, and everything else on this page are subject to change. This is just how we'd like things to play out at this moment. If we get a better idea later, we might follow it instead. But if you don't hold us to any commitments here, we'll gladly share some of what we're working on.

Attention potential corporate subscribers...

If you do the kind of proposals that require a team of people to work together and still more people to review the quality, we should talk. Take a look below and then use this button to reach out to us and let's start a conversation. If you wait, it could end up costing you a few thousand dollars more...

What's in development now

  • A series of online courses for proposal writing. The first has been released. The second should be complete in the next week. A couple more are planned before we shift to a different topic.
  • We're building a major new tool that will help you figure out what to address in your proposals, implement proposal quality criteria, and conduct better proposal reviews. It greatly lowers the level of effort to implement our recommendations, without disrupting your current workflows. It integrates everything on PropLIBRARY (knowledge, tools, process, online training). We had a major breakthrough that's made it all possible. I'd love to discuss it more, but we're in the early stages where things can change quite a bit.
  • Our recipe library is being converted from text to a database format. This is anticipation of our new tool. However, we've put together a quick interface so that you can tap into the recipe data. It's not amazing like what's in development, but it lets you get at the data without waiting. The recipe data is pretty amazing. Only PropLIBRARY Subscribers can access it. If you are a PropLIBRARY Subscriber you can try it out here, otherwise you'll just get an error. Click on the text to expand the outline. Click on the icons to put a recipe on the clipboard for use in your documents. Look for hundreds more recipes to be added over the next few months.

Roadmap for the future

  • In Q3 we expect to have completed online training that addresses the full MustWin Process from a participant's point of view. After that we'll start working on advanced level courses for proposal specialists. These will target implementation and management issues, along with optional considerations. For example, we have already released online training that addresses how to perform Proposal Content Planning. But should you implement it with a centralized or decentralized model? How do you scale it from quick turnaround task orders up to lengthy strategic proposal? Etc. 
  • We are working towards two levels of subscription. The current subscription level will target proposal contributors. A new advanced-level subscription will target proposal specialists. When we make the change, all current subscribers will get upgraded to the advanced level free of charge, so keep your subscriptions current. We want to include about 24 hours of free online training in our regular subscription and 40 hours in our advanced subscription. We're already at 18 hours. The value of our subscriptions keeps going up, up, up. For less than the cost of a single traditional proposal course, we're going to offer a week's worth of training, on top of all our other subscription benefits. That's kind of crazy and people are telling me it's too much and that might actually cause people to under value the benefits. I'm inclined to stick to the plan and do it anyway.
  • Corporate Subscription prices are going up, as soon as I can create the new product description page. This involves more than just simple text, and I've got our developers overloaded already. So it's waiting in line...
  • We have a baseline capability to customize our entire library for Corporate Subscribers. I want to make this easier to use and create a self-serve model. Corporate Subscribers will be able to create their own customized training on our platform. 

Possibilities that are floating out there but not scheduled

  • Fixed price training customizing and internal certification programs for Corporate Subscribers. We know how long it takes to modify or create content. We can turn that into fixed price customization offerings.
  • New content contributors. This will likely happen in our online training offerings. Some will be offered an individual courses priced separately, others will be bundled in with our subscriptions. Talks are under way.
  • We're playing around with some new navigation features to make things easier and possibly a replacement for the red menu to the left. We might create a simple menu and an advanced menu. We've got some really cool ways to filter content, but have decided how to build them into the user interface yet.
Let's discuss your challenges with preparing proposals and winning new business...

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