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9 proposal metrics you didn’t think were possible enabled by Proposal Content Planning

New ways to quantify proposal development and see what correlates with your win rate

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Content planning best practices
  1. Track the number of Content Planning items per page and you’ll have a quick way to gauge the amount of detail that went into the planning. Correlate it with your win rate to find out how much effort going into detail is worth.
  2. Count the number of Content Plan items that had to word around things that were unknown during proposal planning. You can even categorize the types of unknown (customer awareness, offering design, teaming, etc.). This will tell you whether your proposals are starting prepared or if you’re making things up as you go along. Correlate it with page count and number of staff or hours contributing to the pursuit and you can see the impact of being short-staffed. Correlate it with your win rate and you can determine whether you are losing more than you are saving by being short staffed. 
  3. Count the number of items articulated as quality criteria vs. instructions in your Proposal Content Plans and turn it into a ratio. Correlate this ratio with your win rate and you’ll see which has the most impact and how much the effort is worth. 
  4. You could also do this with other things you might include in your Content Plans, like tips, suggestions, data, boilerplate, etc.
  5. Assess whether centralized or decentralized Content Planning is best. This could also take the form of a ratio, to determine whether more centralized or less centralized correlates with the highest win rate in your environment.
  6. Track the length of time spent Content Planning prior to writing, and when you correlate it with your win rate, you’ll see the true value of planning before writing.
  7. Correlate the number of Content Planning iterations/topics completed with your win rate, and you can identify which have the most value.
  8. Count how many Proposal Quality Validation criteria originated in the Content Plan vs. those that did not. This will tell you whether your writers are starting with adequate guidance regarding proposal quality.
  9. Track the number of instructions related to visual communication vs text. This can also be converted to a ratio. And correlated with your win rate, which will tell you the value of the graphics. Track the average time to create a graphic and you can compare the value of the change in win rate to the cost of graphic production, and use this to make better informed decisions regarding whether to hire graphics specialists or use consultants.
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